An evening of cupcakes and sparkling wine, how could I possibly decline …

Sorry, sometimes I just can’t resist the urge to rhyme!

It must be the alcohol, it happens all the time,

I’d eaten many cupcakes, but not very often baked,

I thought I’d take a chance on it, as nothing was at stake,

I practised simple recipes, googled a couple by Mary Berry,

After several attempts (and a bottle of Cremant), I felt I was (kind of) ready,

Upon stepping into Cake Boy, we were welcomed with sparkling rose,

I fought the urge to drink too much, but when offered a top-up, I always said, OKAY!

We sipped and nibbled on canapes, and as soon as introductions out of the way,

We donned our aprons at the bench, had my game face on, I was ready to slay,

Watched the pro Eric Lanyard swiftly demonstrate what to do,

It seemed pretty straight forward but I still didn’t have a clue,

When our mix was light and creamy, we then parted our separate ways,

The competition got intense, as we avoided each other’s gaze,

Concentrates of fruits, herbs and black truffle, what would make a winning flavour?

As baking would cause the intensity to decrease, with each squirt I got a bit braver,

Trays were shoved into the oven, at the point of no return,

We proceeded to fill our glasses with more fizz, the fate of my cupcakes no longer my concern,

Jean-Claude introduced more excellent wines from France’s Languedoc region,

We swirled our glasses and sipped away the stress, enjoying the bubbly sensation,

From the Piquepoul Chardonnay Frisante with its scents of fruits and white flowers,

To the golden and complex Astelia, a beautiful name inspired by his daughters,

The Cuvée Secrète Pinot Noir, an enticing garnet-red colour,

Suggested to be paired with desserts, with a black forest cake it would be one to savour,

Fresh out from the oven, our risen cupcakes were laid before us,

Decorations were secondary, hence there was not much need to make a fuss,

Whilst cupcakes were being judged, I attempted to pipe my icing like a pro,

First time’s always a winner, the trick is doing it with gusto,

My cupcake tasted edible but the flavour not up to scratch,

I didn’t win that trip to France, but at least I had lots of wine and desserts to match,

The evening was a blast, and I was definitely high on sugar,

You know you’re winning in life, when you’ve had wine and cupcakes for dinner.

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The Cheekster, signing out x

* A word of thanks to Jean-Claude Mas, Eric Lanlard, Ben Smith & Douglas Blyde for hosting us.



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