My name is Felicia, and I am a Malaysian based in London. I started blogging about 9 years ago, just before I moved to London to experience the Big City life. The name of my blog, ‘Dancing In High Heels’ can sound a bit misleading to some people – I do dance, but not very often in high heels (!)

The title of my blog is in fact more of a metaphor: dancing has always been a passion of mine since young, and the ‘high heels’ bit is meant to signify my life as an adult. Hence, the theme of my blog ‘Dancing In High Heels’ is basically a way to express myself, doing the things that I love in life.

My blog covers a range topics, including restaurants, travel, lifestyle, and I’ll be incorporating more of my artwork in it soon.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to get in touch via email felicia@dancinginhighheels.com