Another Sunday roast organized by Mr P. before he flew off to warmer climates for the next few weeks! This time at Brunswick House in Vauxhall that I have been meaning to go to in a long time.

Located just down the road from the station, I blindly followed Mr P. as he led me to walk across the wide highway – I’m sure that there was a safer option somewhere, like a proper traffic-crossing… 

I had a good feeling about the place the moment I stepped through the doors. Home to the architectural salvage company Lassco, the room was filled with all sorts of furniture and gaudy chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings. A random mix of quirky items and decor that gave it a bit of a Bohemian feel.

There is a bar at the front by the entrance with a more casual cafe seating area where you can have a coffee, whilst the restaurant area is towards the back of the room, past the elephants…

After some drinks at the bar, we proceeded to our table, hungry and ready to devour the feast that was to be laid before us.

A couple of jugs of Bloody Marys were brought to the table to start us off, with some warm sourdough bread and butter.

Mr P. was raving about the ogleshield churros which were really moreish, and way tastier then regular churros. I have limited knowledge about cheese, but basically ogleshield is an unpasteurised brine-washed, Jersey milk cow’s cheese. Served with gremolata that had fresh, zesty flavours. Both the duck rillettes and brawn were also very good, served on toasted sourdough bread and some mustard on the side which gave a nice hint of spiciness.

| Ogleshield Churros & Gremolata |

| Duck Rillettes |

| Brawn, Fermented Pickles & Mustard |

I was initially unsure about how the horseradish with oat and dandelion would come out as, but it was much better than what I had visualized. It had a soft and smooth panna cotta / pudding-like texture, and I really liked the oat biscuits. 

The onion dish also really did it for me.

| Horseradish, Oat & Dandelion |

| Celeriac, Roscoff Onions & Mushroom Broth |

A good Sunday roast is always accompanied by equally amazing sides. I helped myself to a good portion of the cauliflower dish, not giving a care about how much butter that went into the making of it – so good.

I don’t usually eat much potatoes, but I just couldn’t resist those new potatoes which were coated in delicious anchovy paste.

There was also some really good charred hispi cabbage with lemon mayonnaise that has somehow been missed by my camera…it was scrumptious.

| Cauliflower |

| New Potatoes & Anchovy |

And now for the main star of the show.

Wait for it…


Yeah, some things require a lot of imagination and visualization skills.

In case you weren’t aware of it already…


Roast Lamb Leg – Take II: 

There you go…

Look at all that succulent meat, that lovely pink centre…

Definitely not one for the vegetarians…

And to top it all off, a trio of sweet desserts. The bourbon biscuit with custard was probably my favourite amongst them.

Brunswick House is in a bit of an odd location, but it sure is a a delightful place to be in once you step inside this Georgian mansion. Lovely ambience, great food and efficient service – I would definitely recommend a visit.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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