“We’re hopping on a train to France, but we won’t actually be leaving the UK. Or the station, even”, I informed my guest who seemed dubious despite my enthusiastic tone.

After an entertaining immersive theatre dining experience on The Murdér Express a couple of years ago, I was pleased to return for a brand new murder mystery in Part Deux, alongside more delicious food.

For a couple of hours on a chilly spring evening, we took a brief escape from reality at Pedley Street Station, where we were transported back to the year 1937, the height of the British Empire, when famous archeologist, Dr Errol Earhart, unearthed the world’s most valuable diamond, the Jewel of the Empire (cue, dramatic music). Coincidentally, it was being transported to the Von Cleethorpes estate on The Murdér Express via Pedley Street Station, which was where we embarked on our journey.

Arriving in good time ahead of our train ‘departure’, we collected our ticket that was ready and waiting at the reception desk, before being promptly ushered to our allocated table by the boisterous conductor. Lucky table number 4; or rather unlucky, if you believe in Chinese superstition. We were however just situated next to the Seven Sins Platform bar that rocked us up some delicious cocktails, so no complaints here. The Jewel of the Empire lay displayed out in the open at the end of the platform, drawing quite the attention from the other passengers, and undoubtedly the potential thief and murderer that was lurking amongst us …

Whilst we sipped away innocently on our aperitifs, a host of new characters made their appearance, including Dr Errol Earhart himself. It was not long before the whistle blew and we boarded the train, and shuffled into our snug and cosy private booths.

Of course, I cannot reveal too much of the storyline or scenes so as not to ruin the surprise for future audiences, but I can tell you about the delicious four course meal that we enjoyed.

The bespoke menu, specially curated by BBC MasterChef 2017 finalist Louisa Ellis has been revamped for the new season. We began with a palate cleanser of compressed cherry tomato with yuzu, crispy capers & coriander, followed by a vegetarian starter of grilled leeks with black garlic ketchup, spiced dukkah, & vinegar puffed rice that added a nice texture to the dish. The main was a melt-in-your-mouth slow cooked beef shin with broccoli variations, a butter potato terrine, and Bordelaise sauce, whilst to finish, an indulgent chocolate cremeux with raspberry drupelets, chocolate soil, honeycomb, and crispy mint.

Tickets are priced at £70 per person, excluding drinks which may be purchased separately on the day. More information can be found on their website.

  • I was invited to review The Murdér Express Part Deux – views and photos are my own.

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