The Wild Geese Irish Honey Liqueur combines the internationally renowned Wild Geese Irish Whiskey, three times voted “Best Irish Whiskey”, with natural Irish honey. 

Their ingredients are specially selected to complement Irish honey, and is inspired by St Gobnait, Ireland’s Patron Saint of Beekeepers.

I didn’t use to like honey that much as a child, as I found the texture and taste unpleasant. However, like many things, it has definitely grown on me over the years, and the medicinal value and healing properties in it are of course an added plus.

Whiskey is another subject that I have limited knowledge in. Whenever I think of whiskey, I always think of it as more of a ‘man’s’ drink, which of course is not so true these days.

In fact I have just recently read a rather interesting post by Sara Crolick on ‘The Girls Who Drink Whiskey’, that I did find quite entertaining. 

Although I must say that I do enjoy the occasional Old Fashioned every now and again…which was probably as close as I got to drinking whiskey.

But after some convincing about this particular product, I was sold. I mean, I don’t very often decline alcohol, and the bottle itself was quite attractive and classy, which contained the bright amber liqueur.

The scent of it was not too harsh when I first had a whiff of it upon opening the bottle. 

I first tried it neat, and then poured over some ice to have it chilled. 

I could definitely taste the initial sweetness of the honey notes on my first sip. As I said, I am not an expert in spirits, so I will not ramble on in a flurry of descriptions that I am unfamiliar with. All I can say is that I liked the sweetness and smoothness of it, and I could easily see myself having it as the occasional evening tipple when winding down after a long day.

I also tried one of the suggested cocktail recipes as follows:

2 part honey

1 part lime

1/2 part cointreau/ or another other orange liqueur

I didn’t have a shaker, so instead I just stirred it in a tall glass with ice, before topping it up with 3 parts of ginger beer.

This turned out to be a really sweet and refreshing cocktail, which was easy enough to concoct in my own kitchen (which clearly has very limited alcohol-related ingredients and utensils, as you may have noticed…).

You can find more recipes to experiment on their main website, or maybe even try out your own recipes at home.

I generally find liqueurs quite strong for me, and was initially quite dubious when I was first presented with the bottle. But after tasting it for myself I actually found it pleasant and easy to drink, and I’m sure it would be quite a desirable drink option for the ladies. And possibly even the men, as I also tested it on my friend, for which he gave his seal of approval.

Something new to add on to the shelves, maybe?

The Cheekster, signing out x

[The 70cL bottle is available to be purchased on Amazon – click here for the link]


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