Cafe Rouge has been an all-time favourite since my university days, and I recently had the pleasure of trying out their new summer brunch menu, The Edition, at the lovely Hays Galleria, ideally situated on the bank of the River Thames. 
The sun seemed to be playing hide-and-seek with the clouds that day, but at least the temperature was quite mild, and perfect for some al fresco dining on their outdoor terrace.
I was shown to our table where a there laid a red rose with my name attached to it – sadly not from a secret admirer (!), but a charming touch nonetheless.
A glass of delicious Rouge Mimosa swiftly made its way to my table, followed by my usual flat white, which was pretty as a picture. 







There was a tempting selection of sweet and savoury options to choose from.
We started with a couple of their classic pastries: a warm croissant and pain au chocolat, both served in cute wooden boxes. 

This was followed by my favourite order of Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, whilst WK had the toasted sourdough topped with smoked salmon and avocado, with an added poached egg. Everybody loves a bit of yolk action in the morning …

I also couldn’t miss out trying their fluffy buttermilk pancakes, with bacon, banana and maple syrup.











They also have a refreshing selection of cocktails, and I finished off with a glass of Fizz La Poire, which was a delicate blend of Absolut Pears vodka, cloudy apple juice, elderflower and lemonade – also available as a Sharing Cocktail Cooler (serves 3-4)
The breakfast/brunch menu is available from Monday to Friday until 12noon and Saturday to Sunday until 1pm.
I would definitely be tempted to return – I’ve currently got my eye on the French Toast Croissant with walnut praline, crème fraiche and honey, or the Granola Brulee.
So many choices, so little time (and tummy space) …
Check out their website for further details, and you can also read about my previous visit to the Cafe Rouge in Kew Bridge here.

The Cheekster, signing out x

The meal was complimentary, but views remain my own. 


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