Created by brothers Oliver and Richard Gladwin, The Shed is an extension of their rural lifestyle back in Nutbourne, West Sussex.

The menu changes daily, with produce sourced from their youngest brother Gregory, based as a farmer back in Nutbourne, as well as other local suppliers.

Their style of cooking focuses on nose-to-tail cooking so that nothing is wasted, which is essential to The Shed kitchen.

The interior is charming and quirky, as we walked past the Tractor Bonnet Bar, through to the restaurant area. We didn’t have a reservation, but just about managed to get a table, as we perched ourselves onto our cushioned three-legged stools round our barrel table, eyes hungrily scanning the menu before us.

Despite my initial plan to not drink that evening, I gave in and ordered The Shed Daily Loosener: Damson In Distress, made with steeped damson chase vodka, pear and lemon.

| Bread Basket: The Shed Malt Star Sourdough Bread |

We ordered a couple of mouthfuls to nibble on whilst waiting for the main dishes to be served. The pork scratching was nice and crisp and went well with the sweet apple jam. The crab bombs had a nice, golden crunchy shell, and you could definitely taste the spiciness from the chilli.

| Pork Scratching, Apple Jam |

| Brown Crab Bomb, Chilli, Lime |

The menu, like many places, is based on small sharing plates, and was divided into ‘Slow’ and ‘Fast’ categories. We ordered one vegetable dish, which had an interesting combination of flavours and textures. The stout cured mackerel was one of my favourite dishes, the richness of the mackerel enhanced by the deep flavours of the stout, balanced with the sweetness from the pumpkin and cranberry jam.
The braised pork hash looked interesting, topped with a brightly coloured, gooey egg yolk. I did however find the dish to be bland compared to the other dishes.

| Salsify, Pear, Walnut, Red Endive, Chanterelles |

| Stout Cured Mackerel, Pumpkin, Kale, Cranberry Jam |

| Braised Pork Hash, Egg, Black Cabbage, Garlic |

The Nutbourne lamb was nice and tender, with a lovely shade of pink, served on a creamy bed of barley and malt. I am not usually a fan of hearts, as I do sometimes find them a bit too chewy, but I was interested to try out the recommended grilled beef heart. I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it, the texture was much more pleasant than I was expecting, and I liked the additional crunch from the artichoke crisps.

| Nutbourne Lamb, Squash, Barley, Malt, Oak Moss |

| Grilled Beef Heart, Celeriac, Artichoke, Almonds, Lovage Pesto |

And finally, as of no surprise with me, we tried all three desserts from the menu…

I do love a good Vienetta, something that I haven’t had for a while, and I really did enjoy The Shed version with the crunchy layers of chocolate and sweet caramel in between. The honeycomb crunchy was sweet and simple, which reminded me of those Crunchy bars that I used to munch on when I was younger. 

The whiskey cream was probably the most ‘grown-up’ dessert amongst them – soft and smooth like a panna cotta, with contrasting textures from the crunchy oats, complemented by the fresh flavours of the rhubarb and sweetness from the honey. A delightful combination of flavours.

| The Shed Magnum Vienetta Parfait |

| Honeycomb Crunchy, Chocolate, Mascarpone, Tarragon Sugar |

| Set Whiskey Cream, Oats, Honey, Rhubarb |

I really enjoyed my evening there, and I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to visit even though it is quite close to where I work. Friendly and welcoming service, and great food in a casual setting – I would definitely recommend a visit.
I also look forward to visiting their second restaurant, Rabbit in Chelsea, which I am sure will be just as good.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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