After a successful pop up at Newman Arms last year with their rice tasting menu, Tata Eatery has once again returned for their latest March residency, this time offering an innovative all day brunch menu with a strong Asian accent.

If you read my review of it, you will realize how much I love their food and style of cooking, so I definitely did not want to miss out on this.

There was a special drinks menu available, featuring sake selected by Elyse Li from Japan Gourmet, from which we ordered the Fukuju “Yuzu Sake’ – refreshing with a slight hint of acidity.

We ordered a bowl of rice and congee each to have with our dishes. I liked the short grain rice, which is one of my favourite varieties, and undoubtedly loved the congee, flavoured with chicken stock, herb sauce and topped with crispy chicken skin and dough sticks.

Congee has always been one of my favourite comfort foods, and I would have been happy having multiple portions of this, if I didn’t have to make space for the other dishes to follow…

We nibbled on some snacks whilst waiting: braised peanuts with edamame and celery, and a house made fermented vegetable salad.

Both of them were really tasty and moreish.

Next up were the cold dishes. The Prawn Tartare was absolutely delicious, which consisted of juicy cured prawns with egg yolk and tobiko which added a crunchy texture and a mild salty taste to it.

The other two dishes were Shime Saba (cured mackerel, sweet daikon and soy dressing) and Tofu (steamed tofu with spring onions and soy) – both simple yet tasty.

Moving on to the hot dishes, which we also ordered one of everything (obviously), and consisted of the following:

Tata Egg – fried egg, XO and katsuobushi

Skate Wings – yeast beurre blanc and black sesame

Butifarra – pork and rice sausage, turnip tops and fried egg

Aubergine – braised with black bean sauce

All of them were really good, and I particularly liked the pork and rice sausage which was full of flavour, as well as the aubergine that had a nice balance of sweetness, and is great with rice.

We finished off with a portion of the Ricecream with bergamot and chocolate – the first mouthful was slightly peculiar, but the flavours eventually grew on me.

This Tata Eatery residency at Newman Arms is only for the month of March on Saturdays, with tickets available to book via the Billetto website, so get these dates in your diary before it’s too late.

Walk-ins are also available all day. 

Check out the website for more information, or contact Newman Arms on 020 3643 6285.

The Cheekster, signing out x


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