‘An Afternoon Tea So Royal, One Of The Queen’s Favourites Is The Crowning Glory’

Sundays were made for afternoon teas, and I was excited to get the opportunity to try out another themed afternoon tea – this time the Royal Afternoon Tea at St James Court Hotel.

After a relaxing walk on a beautiful sunny day, I made my way through to the Hamptons Bar, where we were sat in a cosy little corner by the window.

The high-backed chairs were rather comfortable and spacious, and our waiter also very kindly drew down part of the blinds to block out some of the slightly glaring sunshine coming through.

 Lili went for the Assam Choice Estate, a classic black tea rich and malty with a honey-like finish, whilst I went for a fruitier option, the Green Tea Passion which had some refreshing tropical fruit flavours.

Our tower of treats was soon brought to us and carefully placed on a side table.

We started off with the selection of finger sandwiches:

* Coronation Chicken with Golden Sultanas

* Smoked Loch Fyne Salmon with Rocket

* Cured Gressingham Duck with Red Currant Jelly

* Cornish Yarg and Tomato with Branston Pickle

* English Cucumber and Minted Cream Cheese in Beetroot Bread 

I’ve never had a duck sandwich served for afternoon tea before, which was interesting, but my favourite amongst them was probably the coronation chicken which was creamy with a nice balance of spices. Some of the sandwiches could have done with a bit more filling, but otherwise there was quite a nice selection of ingredients used.

On the second tier were the Queen’s Recipe drop scones – apparently using the recipe that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II personally sent US President Dwight Eisenhower in a handwritten letter in 1960 (!) 

Warm and buttery plain and raisin scones, served with Cornish clotted cream and strawberry preserve.

 And finally at the top were the bright and colourful cakes and pastries:

* Raspberry Bakewell Tart

* Miniature Victoria Sponge Sandwiches

* White Chocolate Crowns

* Glittery Battenburg

* Elderflower and Strawberry Jelly

* Homemade Jaffa Cake

My favourites werre the miniature Victoria sponge sandwich and the raspberry bakewell tart – because who doesn’t love bakewell tarts?

Overall, the ambience was pleasant, service was efficient, and we had a really relaxing afternoon filled with an array of indulgent delights.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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