After a much enjoyable Winemaker’s Dinner at Frescobaldi a few months back, I was very much excited to return for a special lunch by Guest Chef Franco Aversa, the A-list Head Chef from Aurora, Capri’s most exclusive restaurant.

Aurora, the critically-acclaimed restaurant on the island of Capri in Italy’s bay of Naples, is a family business owned by Mia D’Alessio; the kitchen led by her husband, Head Chef Franco. Known as one of Capri’s oldest restaurants, it specializes in Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Neapolitan and Caprese cuisine, with Head Chef Franco’s personal twist.

Hungry with anticipation after browsing through the menu, we left our choices in the safe hands of the lovely Mia, who brought us a delightful selection of tasting dishes.

 We started with some tasty, crisp arancini balls and moreish courgette fries, followed by some seafood dishes such as the octopus salad with green beans, and grilled squid with a creamy potato velouté. The fish fillet was cooked beautifully, topped with a golden, crunchy potato crust.

I was really craving for some pasta that day, and my favourite dish was undoubtedly the Pappardelle with cheese, pepper and black truffle – sometimes the simple things in life can bring great joy and comfort.

I had a mouthful of the Cannelloncino of Magro with ragu Napoletana sauce, which was also very good. 



La Tradizione: Mozzarella in Carrozza, Involtino di Melanzane, Arancino, Zucchini Scapece


Insalata di Polpo Croccante con Patate e Fagiolini


Calamaretti Grigliati su crema di patate



Pappardelle con Cacio, Pepe e Tartufo Nero



Filetto di Pesce in crosta di Patate con verdura



Cannelloncino di Magro con Ragout alla Napoletana



There was a surprise chocolatey dessert for all of us at the end, each topped with a candle just for that special touch – I’m sure that it must be someone’s birthday in the world somewhere …

Ristorante  Frescobaldi hosts regular Guest Chefs from around the world throughout the year, for a period of upto two weeks at a time.

This current Guest Chef event runs for just over a week, until Saturday 26th November 2016, so book yourself in whilst you still can for an exclusive taste of Capri.

And whilst you’re there, don’t forget to pair your meal with their extensive and exclusive range of Italian wines.

The Cheekster, signing out x

The meal was complimentary, but views remain my own.


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