I think it’s probably quite obvious how much I love weddings, and after months / years (!) of anticipation, my best friend is finally getting married!

… Well, officially married as of last week – time sure flies when you’re having fun.

Childhood friends since we were both just 8 years old, it’s a blessing how we have managed to keep in touch, even after years of living in different continents.
And it was pretty cool when we both lived in London – hers was London, Ontario, unfortunately #wishfulthinking

This was my first experience attending an Indian wedding which took place over four (!) days, so here’s a few snaps from this special occasion…

The first evening was the Sangeet, a Sanskrit term which means as sung together, a pre-wedding ceremony where celebrations, dancing, and singing take place. 
The dress that Harpreet wore that evening was probably my favourite amongst the many outfits that she changed into – and in my favourite shade of pink too!

The second day was Maiyan which took place at home. During the ceremony, turmeric paste is applied on the bride’s face, feet, and hands, before mehendi (henna) is skillfully drawn on her hands and feet. I had a mini one drawn on my arm, knowing how clumsy I am, and that I probably wouldn’t have the patience and not have my hands free to snack with…

This was followed by the Sikh ceremony in the Gurdwara, where Harpreet was once again an image of elegance, this time with a veil that completed the look. 
Harpreet kindly lent me one of her Salwar Kameez outfits for the day. We were required to cover our heads and remove our shoes in the temple – the dupatta was a bit heavy and tricky to keep balanced on my head, but I loved wearing it nonetheless. I’m just really clumsy in general…

The final day was the Hindu ceremony where the reception took place outdoors at the beautiful Lakeside Gazebo at The Royal Ambassador, with a stunning view of the lake in the background. We were once again extremely lucky for the warm sunny weather – a huge improvement as opposed to the weekend before where there was rain, snow and hail all in one day (!)
I did love the colour of our matching bridesmaid anarkali suits, pink is just the perfect shade for (almost) any occasion.
This was the longest day of them all, which ended with one final dinner, with dancing and music playing on through the night

Congratulations once again, Harpreet & Shivam – you two make the perfect couple, and I’m looking forward to our next ‘Team Water’ reunion!

Canada Rockies Roadtrip 2014

Canada Rockies Roadtrip 2014

And not forgetting a word of thanks to the Gill family for letting me stay in your beautiful home for the week – I’m missing you and your homemade chai, Aunty! 
I look forward to seeing all of you again in the near future.

The Cheekster, signing out x



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