Last weekend I had the opportunity to preview the new menu at MoBa that officially launched this Monday.

MoBa is a modern boulangerie and casual dining spot; the food that they serve a fusion of French and Asian cuisines, cultures and stories.

Their menu has had makeover, consisting of a selection of starters, and customized Bánh Mi (with sandwich or salad options). Some interesting new additions include matcha and black baguettes that I will be tempted to order on my next visit.

Sweet desserts include matcha brownie, white chocolate and lime brioche, and chocolate and hazelnut cake.

There is also  good selection of hot and cold drinks, and some alcoholic options.

In addition to the new menu launch, we also had the pleasure of ‘test-driving’ some of the delicious and innovative desserts and pastries specially created by the amazing pastry chefs from Paris – because French chefs make the best pastries, right?
I loved the little chocolates, each like mini dessert bite – and because they’re so small you can always have more than one without feeling too guilty about it.
The brioche was really light and was filled with cream, giving it a rounder flavour.
One of my favourites (which are probably all of them…) was the indulgent chocolate and raspberry cakes with matcha Chantilly cream – I would have gladly eaten a whole bar…
And lets not forget that pamplemousse cake…the glaze so shiny you could even see your reflection in it!
With the ever popular trend of ‘skinny cakes’ in France, the also talked about their plans for the coming year, with the hopes of bringing in more pastries and desserts which are ideal for takeaways but still maintaining presentation and flavour.
Until then, you will just have drool over these photos of the scrumptious delights that we had that evening…

For someone who loves cakes and all things sweet, I have to admit that I was on a bit of a sugar high that evening! But lets also take into consideration that I had just had afternoon tea an hour prior to arriving. Sometimes even I am amazed by my stomach’s capacity…
Although my hips, not so much.

Thank you to the wonderful team at MoBa for such a fun evening. I will be popping in to try those tasty Bánh Mis soon.
And more dessert, of course.

The Cheekster, signing out x



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