After a painful hour and a half taxi journey, mostly due to rush hour traffic, we finally made it to Craft London in Greenwich. 

Craft London is a project by Stevie Parle and Tom Dixon, which features a New British restaurant, café, cocktail bar and shop.

There are a few menu options for you to choose from: a la carte menu, 6 course menu, set lunch and a 60 minute menu if you are looking for something quick before a show at The 02.

The food is almost exclusively based on fresh British produce with many of their products made in-house such as cured meats, honey, and butter.

Starving from the journey, I immediately dived into the bowl of warm bread whilst perusing the a la carte menu. We ordered a couple of carafes of red and white wine for the table. 

For starters, I went for the smoked and grilled eel, deliciously marinated with treacle, malt vinegar and served with brine-pickled leek. I love eel, and this was excellent with a nice balance of sweet and sour flavours. I also had a taste of the chopped highland beef with dripping, pear, crisps and salmon roe. Finely chopped and you could still taste the delicate flavours of the beef, accompanied by the nice crisp ‘popping’ of the roe in your mouth. I can never resist a good tartare dish, and would definitely order one for myself next time.

Smoked & grilled eel, treacle, malt vinegar & brine-pickled leek

Chopped highland beef, dripping, pear, crisps, salmon roe

We decided to share the clay baked duck main between the four of us. The dish was first brought out to the table, still encased in its clay shell. The clay was then smashed open at the table revealing a juicy whole duck before it was taken back to the kitchen to be sliced up and plated.

Each portion was actually much more than we expected and was just about right for me. The meat was tender and still nice and slightly rare in the middle, the flavours complemented by the delectable sweetness from the honey. We also shared the monkfish main which was also pretty tasty.

Clay baked duck, honey, broad bean & barley ‘miso’, brine-pickled carrots & cabbage

Slightly salted wood grilled monkfish, essex trumpet squash & British lardo

King Henry spinach

Fireplace potatoes

Coming in a larger group logically meant that we were able to order most of the desserts, one of my favourite parts of a meal. My favourite was the chocolate, coffee and burnt ice cream – rich, indulgent, and keeps you wanting more. This was closely followed by the creamed barley pudding with fresh strawberries and crunchy meringue bits. And to top it all of, a selection of British and Irish cheese from Neals Yard.

Creamed barley pudding, strawberries & meringue

Warm honey rye cakes with raw cream

Chocolate, coffee, burnt ice cream

British & Irish cheese from Neals Yard

After all that rich food, we washed it down with some cleansing pu-erh and oolong teas.

Overall a satisfying meal and thankfully was worth making the long journey there for.

Just remember to check the schedule of concerts playing at the O2 to avoid having to cram into the tube stations with the crowds coming out of the stadium…

The Cheekster, signing out x

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  1. June 29, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    Oooh I love the look of the clay baked duck!
    Lots of love,

  2. June 30, 2015 / 7:52 am

    It was really tasty, and quite a big portion too! 😀 x

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