Last Sunday, I made my first visit to The Manor for their Blood Sugar event after getting the heads up from fellow dessert-lover Felicity Spector.

The evening involved a collaboration between two of London’s top pastry chefs – Kira Ghidoni from The Manor, and Adam Degg from Chiltern Firehouse who created a series of one-off desserts and sweet treats, with some pretty amazing cocktails specially created by the team at White Lyan.

A menu exclusively made up of cocktails AND desserts…could this evening get any better?

We started off with the ‘Snack & Stack’ course – a selection of bite-sized snacks paired with a ‘stack’ of individual cocktail shots. The goat’s curd with caramelized red onion and praline were presented like little ice cream cones, and paired with “Wax aged negroni”. The sweet and savoury flavours of the medjool date with almond and bacon was paired with “Iberico sour” – definitely one for the bacon/pork lovers. The cheese and pineapple was a smooth mousse that required some “mouth skills” or “lip action”, as we each attempted sucking it out of the red plastic sheet that encased it. This was paired with an equally sweet “Champagne curdled colada”. The #Bloodsugar bao was really light and fluffy and had a sort of marmalade filling in between. No meat inside the bao, but there was meat in our cocktail…well, sort of – the “Ribs” cocktail. Our last snack was “Egg & soldiers”, a twist on the typical breakfast version. After we had finished slurping up the delicious contents and pre-warned not to break the shells, a bottle of “Lemongrass kombucha” was brought over to the table to fill our empty eggshells.

The “Kira” consisted of beetroot, apple and sheep’s yoghurt, and presented in my favourite colour of pink! Everyone who knows me well enough (or has looked into my wardrobe) knows that I have a slight obsession with the colour…and anything that’s pink is sure to taste AWESOME… 

There was a nice natural sweetness from the beetroot and a nice combination of textures. A pretty healthy dessert I must say…which lessens the guilt factor.

This was served with a “Whiskey golden fizz” which was really rich and creamy.

Adam’s creation was probably my favourite dessert of the evening – baked egg custard with pine nut miso, strawberries and sorrel. The custard had a really nice consistency and the whole dish worked really well together. Another very pretty looking dish.

It was eventually time for the “Collision Course”, as our tables were swiftly cleared of all unnecessary cutlery and utensils…

Balloons were placed in the centre, which were popped one by one, and splashes of ingredients were thrown onto the table from multiple directions. A pan of fresh cherries was blow-torched before being scattered onto the mouth-watering chaos before us, and the whole thing finished off with a shower of dainty rose petals. 

Chocolate, cherries…a black forest gateau explosion. 

If an actual collision ever did occur and the world came to an end, I hope that it happens like this. Maybe even with a few sprinkles of popping candy.

All washed down with a “Fizzy Brooklyn” from the bottle.


 The little treats at the end included  “Vinegar lollipop”, “Artichoke Cannoli” and “White peach & verbena stones”.

Well done to the chefs and teams that made it all possible. The night definitely ended on a (sugar) high! Hopefully this will be the first of more exciting (and SWEET) times to come.

So…anyone else up for dessert?

The Cheekster, signing out x 


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