When the brother and sister get together, there will always be good food involved. The big brother recently came into town, and knowing that he is a fan of the Masterchef series, I booked a table for dinner at Adam Handling at Caxton, well known as the runner-up in Masterchef: The Professionals 2013, who has also gained many awards since.

We both went for the tasting menu, which consisted of six courses priced at £70 per person.
To start off, we were served a loaf of warm sourdough bread. I usually try not to overdo it with the bread course at the beginning, but that chicken butter and duck liver parfait was just too good to let it go to waste. 

The doughnuts with dressed crab were tasty little mouthfuls albeit with a slightly denser texture then I was expecting. I would have gladly had a whole plate to myself. Astonishingly I haven’t yet tried the ones at Chiltern Firehouse, that I have heard many rave about. If they taste as good as this, then I will be ordering a couple of portions for myself.
The beetroot snack were little delicate wafer rolls with a sweet and slightly sharp beetroot filling. It was really light and crisp, and dusted in a beetroot powder – probably best to protect your best white shirt with a napkin as it can get quite messy if you’re not careful…
The chicken skin was very moreish, and a favourite for both of us.

Sour dough, chicken butter, duck liver parfait

Doughnuts, dressed crab

Beetroot, beetroot, and more beetroot

Chicken, skin, leg, yolk

The first course was the salmon, with pea, sweet and sour wasabi, apple and dill. A bit of molecular liquid nitrogen show as our server brought over a pot with frozen violas and poured the contents over our dishes. I do love tartare dishes, and did enjoy the lamb tartare, served with beets, fermented red pepper, chilli and sorrel. I just wished that there was more.
The chicken and lobster was served with a fragrant yellow curry and palm sugar sauce. The lobster was fresh with a nice, springy texture, and the chicken really tender. 
The ashed beef rump is apparently his signature dish, served with burnt artichokes and cabbage. A tender piece of beef with a lovely pink centre, and you could really taste the strong smokey flavours in it.

Lamb tartare

Chicken and lobster

Beef rump (ashed)

For dessert, we were first served the apple with cucumber and gin, which was very cooling and refreshing. A nice way to cleanse the palate after the rich courses that were had before. The second dessert was more sweet and indulgent – a yuzu-based dessert with milk, crumble and meringue.



At the end, we were served a tempting plate of chocolates that was swiftly devoured by the both of us.

 I thought that a smiley face was necessary to show my content and appreciation…

The restaurant itself was thankfully not too crowded on a Friday night, and service was generally pleasant. The menu is reasonably priced and the dishes were beautifully presented and satisfying.
I would be happy to return again to try out their a la carte menu, or their tasting menu again when it changes.

The Cheekster, signing out x

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